Our History – Past & Present

The holiday farmhouse Monti 1824 Holiday Homes Tuscany, Apartments and Cottages, traces its origins back to the 18th century when farmsall over the region were usually the property of noble, land-owning families.The Catasto Leopoldino certifies the existence of the Monti farm in this form as early as 1824.


For us it’s our grandparents’ inheritance; they loved the Tuscan Countryside intensely and decided to move here permanently in 1956. “


The farmhouse Monti at that time sustained the family through the cultivation of cereals, the production of oil and wine and breeding. On the ground floor, the farm originally had the stables for animals such as cows and horses, storage rooms for agricultural tools and implements and the cellars. The family lived on the first floor of the building.

However, the desire to keep the Podere ( farmhouse ) at the centre of the family’s life increased in spite of time. Therefore, in 1990 the refurbishing project took off starting from the stables and then moving on to the barns and another chamber for farming use.

The apartments Mandorlo and Ciliegio have been created from the stables and the old cellars. Gelso was part of the main building because at that time the family was quite large. The holiday cottages Noce and Olivo originated from the two barns; while Leccio was the chamber for farming use.

A few steps away from the Podere, in an enchanting position and fully submerged in nature, is the lovely swimming pool from where to admire all the property with a unique view of the rolling Tuscan hills.

It has always been our dream to transform the farm into a welcoming holiday home. After some time and work, the dream has become reality and even now, after all these years, we still host guests coming from every part of the world, every time with the same passion.


“We are proud and honoured to be able to share the beauty of this land and the fruit of our family’s work with you.”