Casole D’Elsa

The enchantment of silent Tuscany. Just 1 km from the holiday farmhouse Monti 1824. Casole d’Elsa, Tuscany,Italy … is a small medieval village just 1 km from the agriturismo Monti 1824 located 420 m above sea level at the top of the hill. Well ventilated, it has a dry climate and pleasantly temperate. The heart of Casole is […]

Val d’Orcia

Medieval castles, rolling hills, medieval villages, cypresses, vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields: these are the characteristics that make the Val d ‘Orcia so unique. It takes its name from the Orcia river that runs through this beautiful region in the south of Tuscany, now a protected park, and has been recognized as World Heritage by […]


Always defined by the ‘ideal city’, the ‘city of Utopia’. Considered in the Renaissance as a perfect example of urban construction, the old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. Defined from time to time, the ‘ideal city‘, the ‘city of Utopia’, it is now one of the concrete construction methods through which in […]


Chianti, one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscan region and it has always been linked to wine and its culture. The Chianti hills are raked by miles and miles of vineyards, which change color with each passing season, in a unique landscape. Green, purple, red and yellow are the colors that glow on these hills, […]


When people think of Pisa who usually think of the Leaning Tower, but Pisa has many interesting sights and attractions. The Campo of Miracles, with its Romanesque buildings, is the highlight of a visit to Pisa, but still far from the crowded tourist areas are other interesting places. The Lungarno, the small historic streets and ancient buildings. Just 1 hour and 20 […]

Colle Val d’Elsa

Its name means “Hill of Elsa Valley“, where “Elsa” is the name of the river which crosses it. Today, Colle di Val d’Elsa is internationally renowned for the production of crystal glassware and art (15% of world production). The oldest part of the town is the “colle alta“, the higher part, with a well preserved medieval center.Usually tourists don’t plan […]

San Galgano Abbey

The holiday house Monti 1824 can be the perfect accommodation to visit the famous Abbey of San Galgano. It’s just 30 minutes drive from our holiday home and it is considered one of the most important religious monuments in whole Tuscany and surely among the greatest of the gothic monasteries in Italy! This is despite the essentially ruined state of the […]

San Gimignano

The agriturismo Monti 1824 is your space to stay near San Gimignano,  reachable in just 20 minutes by car. This little gem is located in the heart of Val d’Elsa and famous for  its beauty and charm. The town is a mix of splendid alleys and breathtaking views, where you seem to have gone right back to medieval times. […]


The town in Val di Cecina results from a meeting of different historic periods. Volterra retains a considerable historic centre of Etruscan origin, with its Roman ruins and medieval buildings, the Cathedral and the Palazzo dei Priori, which are the nerve centre of the town. The surrounding area provides the desert “salt works” and the “towers” of the geothermic area of Larderello. Volterra has […]


One of the most beautiful cities in the world Its works of art and museums are the destination each year of millions of visitors. The Tuscan chief town is a world patrimony of Unesco, an acknowledgement that highlights its artistic and architectural greatness. It is impossible to describe the charm of Piazza della Signoria, the Cathedral, the Old Bridge… You just have to see […]


One of the most beautiful and visited cities of art in Tuscany and Italy. The city of the Palio is set between the greenery of Val d’Elsa, the hills of Chianti, Amiata mountain and the Crete Senesi. The city is of human dimensions and has maintained intact the charm of a medieval town, with its alleys that wind around the heart of the city, the renowned Piazza del […]